My new sheets

A few years ago I went on a trip (I think it was to the beach) with my uncle, my mother, and my uncle’s friends. We stopped at a linen store and I got a sheet set because my sheets were in bad shape. The sheets I bought said they were Egyptian cotton, but later I found out Egyptian was spelled wrong. I really loved the sheets anyway because of the design of them. They had a trellis design of them. They were a hot pink color.

But I had to fight to get them on, and I thought they wouldn’t stay on. So I wanted to get some new sheets for my birthday.  I looked everywhere online for pink sheets. I mostly found microfiber sheets. My mother kept saying I might not like the microfiber ones.I didn’t decided on a set and got them.

These new sheets are a light pink. They are very soft and very warm which is a good thing because I don’t like a cold bed. They do fit my twin daybed and I love them.
Happy Early Mother’s Day!!

These are the sheets I bought at Amazon:
Shop Amazon – Save on microfiber sheets sets from AmazonBasics Shop Amazon – Mother’s Day Store USA, LLC


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