Star Wars Day!!

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!!

When I went up to NJ this Christmas, I planned on watching all the Star Wars movies again, and I wanted to see the new Star War movie with Chris. Chris kept saying the movie would be sold out. I was so disappointed.
But I did get to see all the Star Wars movies again. I thought Chris and I didn’t watch them all together. I kept trying to get him to bring the ones we hadn’t seen together down with him when he came down for a visit. He always says he forgot them.

After watching them again, I realized we did watch all them together. I decided that since I didn’t get to see it this Christmas, I will watch the new one when I got back home.
So that’s what I did. A few weeks ago I watch it as part of a short space movie marathon.

The new Star Wars movie is called Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The movie follows a girl named Rey who finds a lost BB-8 droid who holds the key to finding Luke Skywalker. She later finds out that a little more about herself and how special she is. She also befriends a guy named Finn who gets seriously hurt at the end.

I liked the movie, but I don’t like that Finn gets hurt and Han Solo dies. And I also think they should have did little better with the ending. They could have them speak at least. I will be watching the next Star Wars movie to at least see if they talk to each other. lol

To celebrate Star Wars Day, you should at least see this great Star Wars movie which can be found at
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