Dark Heavens book series

A few years ago, Chris and I was in the local bookstore. He was saying he was looking for Terry Brooks’ books were at. I told him they are in the fantasy aisle. I was telling him I had read some of Terry Brooks’ books. He said you don’t read fantasy.

Well he was looking at the Terry Brooks’ books, I saw a book called White Tiger by: Kylie Chan. It is a martial arts fantasy book. I thought it sounded like something Chris would like to read. So I bought it. I planned on read the book first before giving him the book. Last year I got around reading White Tiger. I told Chris a little bit of what the book is about, and he wasn’t interested in reading it.

I think he would have liked the book if he wasn’t so hung up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In Season 2 episode 34 of Buffy, Buffy pushes Angel into Hell. Ever since then Chris hates tv shows, movies, and books where there is female lead in it. ¬† After really thinking about I really doubt he would like this book series, but I’m loving it.

White Tiger is part of a book series called Dark Heavens. White Tiger is the first book of the series. Dark Heavens is a trilogy. The books are White Tiger, Red Phoenix, and Blue Dragon. Then there is another trilogy called Journey to Wudang. Those books are Earth to Hell, Hell to Heaven, and Heaven to Wudang. Then third book trilogy is called Celestial Battle. Those books are Dark Serpent, Demon Child, and Black Jade. Ms. Chan also wrote two stand alone books: Black Scales, White Fur and The Gravity Engine.

I would suggest if you read the whole journey of books to read White Tiger first. I just read Red Phoenix, and I started on Blue Dragon yesterday.
White Tiger is about a woman named Emma Donahoe who was a tutor for a wealthy man named Mr. Chen. She also was a part-time teacher at school in Hong Kong. Mr. Chen offers her a job as full time nanny to his daughter. So she quits her job as a teacher. Mr. Chen teaches people martial arts. His bodyguard and driver, Leo, keeps asking him to teach Emma. He eventually does and Emma ends up finding out his secret. His secret is that he is a Shen (spirit, Immortal being). His daughter is half Shen. Mr. Chen and Emma end up falling in love, but they can’t touch each other. In Red Phoenix, Mr. Chen asks Emma to be his wife. She accepts. But then she has crazy dreams about her being a snake. She gets obsessed with the dreams. Later on her family finds out about Mr. Chen’s life.

If you want to read this great fantasy series, you can check them out at Amazon.com.


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