Mother’s Day is coming up

Mother’s Day is May 8th. My mother won’t be here this year for Mother’s Day which I’m sad about. I am sending her a Mother’s Day card next week. I told her I’m sending it next week and she said that Mother’s Day is early this year. I think it is; don’t you?
I’m supposed to see her at the end of May anyway. She wanted me to visit her earlier, but I told her that I rather go when it’s warmer.

My best-friend Jessica is a mother too. I guess the stuff I got her at the Pickle Festival I went to last weekend could double as a birthday and Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day will hard for Chris though. His mother died a few years ago.She had cancer. He says he will be coming down next week maybe he can stay until Mother’s Day so he won’t be lonely.

I’m not a mother so I won’t be getting any gifts unless our church does what it used to do. Our preacher used to ask all the women who are 18 and over to stand up. We were given bookmarks or flowers. I think last year we were given carnations. I picked a pink one since I love pink.
Happy Early Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!! USA, LLC Shop Amazon – Mother’s Day Store
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