Watching a 3D movie

At Christmas, Chris wanted us to go out while the maid was going to clean up the house. So he suggested for us to go see a movie at mall. The only other movie I wanted to see was the new Star Wars movie. He kept saying the movie would probably be sold out.

So I picked out two movies. The Big Short, or Point Break. Chris picked Point Break. The movie was in 3D. I hadn’t seen a 3D movie in a long time. I was little afraid because those old fashioned 3D glasses didn’t fit over my glasses too good. I reread the IMDB description of it again and I decided it sounded good.

The movie theater was an eat-in theater which was really cool. I wish our theater was one. The 3D glasses did fit over my glasses perfectly. The movie was awesome in 3D.

Point Break is a remake of an earlier version. I haven’t seen the earlier version yet. The movie is about a FBI agent that goes undercover to stop some extreme sport athletes from doing heists.

Check out this awesome movie on //

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