Sometime before Christmas I had written a review type article on Textbroker about the first doll pictured above. It is the Darling Charming Ever After High Doll from Mattel. The second doll pictured above is from Descendants doll collection by Disney.
At Christmas I told Chris I wanted to see the Disney movie Descendants because I had written about doll from that Disney line. Of course I later realized I was wrong. But we saw the movie anyway. The movie was really good and some of music was really good.

Descendants (like Ever After High) is about storybook characters’ children. Mal is the daughter of Maleficent.She is send to a boarding school where all the good storybook characters’ children go. Maleficent tries to get her to get the good witch’s wand so all the villains can be free off an island. Mal just wants to be good. The villains go free, but Mal tricks her mother. ¬† ¬†Descendants is now a cartoon tv show on the Disney channel. Ever After High which is Mattel’s version is also a cartoon show on the dolls website.

You can find this really cool Disney musical movie at


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